World War One Workshops

A full day of drama workshops examining themes around the First World War and developing literacy skills.

Age specific workshops from Year 2 to Year 6.

WW1 Day (including Staff Training): £515
WW1 Day (pupil workshops only): £325
10% discount available for bookings before 20th December 2013 and for bookings of two or more consecutive days

Click on the workshop titles below to view more information about each:
  • The Lost City: a Guided Fantasy

    Hidden treasures lie buried on an ancient site, telling the tale of a lost civilisation waiting for young archaeologists and storytellers to unlock its mysteries.

    Help professor crackpot of Cambridge University overcome the ‘Curse of the Lost City’ and unearth its secrets. Only the brave need apply!

    This drama workshop will take you on a mystical, magical journey back in time. There are hieroglyphics to decipher, artefacts to unearth, rituals and ceremonies to try out and stories to be told about the people that lived there centuries ago.

    Most Suitable For: Years 2 to 7