Whole Day Events

Schools can pick ‘n’ mix from a menu of workshops that can be delivered to all year groups from reception class to year six. The length of the workshops can vary to an extent, depending on your school timetable and the number of classes who would like to have these workshops. Workshops are tailored to suit the context, level and experience of your group and to fit in with your school day.

  • Pick ‘n’ Mix Personal Development Days

    This is a series of workshops for all year groups in one day.

    You decide which themes you would like for each year group.

    Here’s an example:-

    • Reception/Yr 1 – Friendship and what we look like
    • Yr 2 – Taking the fear out of making mistakes
    • Yr3 – Assertiveness and communication
    • Yr 4 – Anti Bullying
    • Yr 5 – Self Esteem and Confidence
    • Yr 6 Transition to secondary school.
  • Shakespeare’s speeches uncovered: from Page to Stage

    Pupils will ‘switch on’ to Shakespeare with these light hearted and fun workshops. Covering a range of the bard’s most famous speeches from some of his most well known and well loved plays, pupils will have a chance to explore the richly worded texts, experiment with how to deliver the speeches and bring them to life, performing with vibrancy and passion.

    • Year 3 – Macbeth
    • Year 4 – As you like It
    • Year 5 – Comedy of Errors
    • Year 6 – Romeo & Juliet
  • Drama Storytelling Day

    Full or fun and imagination this is a set of drama workshops to inspire children in their love of storytelling and acting out, e.g. –

    • Reception – Pirates
    • Year 1 – The 3 Little Pigs
    • Year2 – Sleeping Beauty
    • Year 3 – The Magic Carpet
    • Years 4/5 – Melodrama/Slapstick Comedy
    • Year 6 – Second World War, Evacuees

    You can also choose the stories that you want and I will write a special day for you.

    Most Suitable For: All primary school year groups




  • Performance Poetry Day

    You can choose the poems that your class are already studying or pick ‘n’ mix from a menu of poems that I have.

    For example, choose from:-

    • Reception & Year 1 – The Circus Is in Town
    • Year 2 – Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes
    • Year 3 & 4 – The Pied Piper
    • Year 5 – Timothy Winters & 4 o’Clock Friday
    • Year 6 – Roger McGough Poems

    This could include performances to the rest of the school at the end of the day.

    Suitable for: All year groups.




  • The Christmas Day Truce

    Age group: Years 2/3
    Suggested length: 45 – 60 minutes
    Suggested Space: Hall or other large space
    Equipment required: None


    On 25th December 1914, British and German soldiers ceased fire to exchange Christmas greeting, gifts and play football. This workshop explores this extraordinary event through a variety of drama techniques and role –play.  We explore the reasons behind the truce along with the feelings of those involved.

  • Ghosts from the Past – life in the trenches & those back home

    Age group: Year 4
    Suggested length: 50 – 60 minutes
    Suggested Space: School Hall
    Equipment required: None


    Through a series of posters, pictures and postcards we explore what life was like for the soldiers on the front line and for those back in England.  We come across men writing letters home and women waiting for news. How did people respond to the propaganda posters and what was it like for women taking on jobs for the first time? We talk to a friendly ghost and find out about their thoughts and feelings.

  • Stories from a Soldiers Suitcase

    Age group: Year 5
    Suggested length: 60 minutes
    Suggested Space: School Hall
    Equipment required: None


    Starting with the discovery of an old suitcase, we uncover the story of a young man who volunteered to become a soldier age 19. We follow his journey through letters and diary’s that lead him back home to a hospital in England. The pupils recreate moments from his life through still image, role -play and in role writing.


  • WW1 – Poetry

    Age group: Year 6
    Suggested length: 60 minutes
    Suggested Space: School Hall
    Equipment required: None


    This workshop looks at different perspectives on the war as seen through they eyes of a male poet, Wilfred Owen and a female poet, Eva Dobell.  Using drama and exploration of the texts we will bring the poems to life to help illustrate the effects of war on mind and body.

  • The Ugly Duckling

    Age group: Reception/Year 1
    Suggested length: 40 minutes
    Suggested space: Hall or other large space
    Equipment required: None

    The story of the Ugly Duckling is told and explored through movement, role-play, freeze-frames and other accessible drama techniques. The workshop focuses on how differences between people can lead to bullying but should be celebrated and enjoyed.

  • Cinderella

    Age Group: Year 2
    Suggested Length: 40 mins
    Suggested space: Hall
    Equipment Required: None

    This workshop is a fun and playful introduction to bullying for year 2. It includes Teacher In Role, Still Image , role-play, hot seating and speaking objects. We learn how Cinderella feels about the way she is treated, and start to get ideas as to what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied.

  • I Was, I Am, I Will…

    Age Group: Year 3 upwards
    Suggested Length: 50 Minutes
    Equipment Required: Pens or pencils and scrap paper

    Pupils will explore the theme of bullying through character and still image work, ultimately writing a collaborative whole-class poem which will be recorded or performed.

  • Leaping River

    Age group: Year 4
    Suggested length: 45 minutes
    Suggested space: Hall
    Equipment required: Drum, paper and pens, computer for powerpoint and projector screen/whiteboard

    A story introducing differences in culture and acceptance, looking at a young Native American boy’s experience of trying to settle into a Boston city school. Pupils will explore the story through the use of freeze frames and soundscapes to encourage empathy and understanding.

  • Four O’clock Friday

    Age group: Year 5
    Suggested length: 60 minutes
    Suggested space: Hall
    Equipment required: None

    A dramatic exploration of John Foster’s timeless poem ‘Four o’clock Friday’. Children will use the text to create physical and thought diaries from the viewpoint of the poem’s narrator before being challenged to offer constructive advice to its central character.

  • Timothy Winters

    Age group: Years 5 or 6
    Suggested length: 60 minutes
    Suggested Space: School Hall
    Equipment required: Flip Chart, circle of chairs and one table

    Based upon the poem Timothy Winters by Charles Causley, this workshop opens up the theme of bullying from the perspective of an 11 year old boy and the people in his life. Using the poem as a stimulus, the children engage in-role and seek to problem solve a variety of social and emotional issues that are impacting on the central character of ‘Timothy’.