KS2 Workshops

All workshops suitable for Key Stage 2

  • The Lost City, Discovery of the Mayans

    The Mayan ruins of Tikal are hidden deep in the rainforest of Guatemala. From the air only a handful of temples and palaces peek through the canopy. The stone carvings are weather-beaten. Huge plazas are covered in moss and giant reservoirs are engulfed by jungle.

    Part 1 -Join me as I take your class, a group of archeologists, on a journey to unearth this ancient world. We discover ancient hieroglyphics, temples and colourful wall art that unearth the stories of this ancient civilization. But why did they crumble into dust? What is the truth behind the demise of this once great civilization?

    Part 2 – The class is split into small groups as programme makers for The Discovery Channel. There are news reports to make, history, astrology and a cookery programme to make and a soap opera about the Spanish conquistador who joined the Mayans. Lights, camera, action!

    Most Suitable For: Years 3 to 8

  • Tales from the Dinner Plate : Sustainable Food Production and Health


    Not available until summer term 2016.  Please show an expression of interest on the contact form here.

    This drama day is packed full of fun and interesting ways to teach children about healthy eating choices, understanding the local and global impact of food on the planet & on peoples lives. They will cover curriculum areas such as science, geography, maths, PSHE and english, citizenship, speaking and listening.

    Contents include: drama games, still pictures, role -play, improvisation, performance, hot-seating and storytelling,

    with drama exercises that explain the facts and figures and also make specific points about attitudes, behaviours and mind-sets.

    Most Suitable For: Reception – yr 8

  • Pick ‘n’ Mix Personal Development Days

    This is a series of workshops for all year groups in one day.

    You decide which themes you would like for each year group.

    Here’s an example:-

    • Reception/Yr 1 – Friendship and what we look like
    • Yr 2 – Taking the fear out of making mistakes
    • Yr3 – Assertiveness and communication
    • Yr 4 – Anti Bullying
    • Yr 5 – Self Esteem and Confidence
    • Yr 6 Transition to secondary school.
  • You Choose

    A variety of drama, art, music & movement approaches can be tailored to fit any area of personal development that your children need to explore.

    Let me know what you want and I’ll write something appropriate for the time-scale, subject and age of your children.

    Most Suitable For: any year group


  • Anti-Bullying


    A practical ‘fiction’ orientated workshop looking at bullying from all points of view – the victim, the bully, the bully as victim etc

    This can be tailored to work with a whole class or with a smaller group of children who are either bullies or victims of bullying.

    Contents include: drama exercises, role-play; improvisation; freeze-frames and hot seating.

    Most Suitable For: any year group

  • Skellig

    This workshop explores aspects of the text and then widens out into the theme of guardian angels and helping each other, developing emotional intelligence.

    Contents include: drama role play, diary and letter writing, improvisation and short performances.

    Suitable for: anyone studying the book or wanting to look at guardian angels.


  • Lets Go Global

    Children learn about other countries and other cultures from their own, in a creative workshop.

    This can be based on a country that they are studying or a snap shot of a variety of other cultures.

    Global dimension: Diversity, cultural identity

    values and perceptions,cultural enrichment. interdependence, sustainable development, social justice, global citizenship.

    Most Suitable For: Years 4 to 8

  • Shakespeare’s speeches uncovered: from Page to Stage

    Pupils will ‘switch on’ to Shakespeare with these light hearted and fun workshops. Covering a range of the bard’s most famous speeches from some of his most well known and well loved plays, pupils will have a chance to explore the richly worded texts, experiment with how to deliver the speeches and bring them to life, performing with vibrancy and passion.

    • Year 3 – Macbeth
    • Year 4 – As you like It
    • Year 5 – Comedy of Errors
    • Year 6 – Romeo & Juliet
  • Dreaming in Colour Shadow puppets


    For all those creative and crafty people, this workshop not only gives you the opportunity to make your own shadow puppets and devise your own story, but set it to music and perform on a small cinema style screen. Colourful animation to take your breath away.

    Most Suitable For: Years 2 to 7

    (Resources charged as extra)


  • Mask Madness: Mask making and performance


    Create your own character, make your own mask and perform a short devised performance with it. From its origins in Commedia dell’arte to modern day cartoon capers this workshop is fun, artistic and hilariously funny.

    Most Suitable For: Years 3 to 7


  • Talking Wardrobes: An Introduction to Physical Theatre.

    If wardrobes could talk, what would they say?
    If televisions told you what to watch, what would they choose? Without the use of set, props, costume or magic trickery you can become the answer to these questions and more. Push the boundaries of theatre to the ‘final frontier’ with this surreal workshop.

    Most Suitable For: Years 3 to 7


  • The Secret Diary: based on the story of Anne Frank

    Learn about the true story of Anne Frank and aspects of the holocaust. Bring the story to life and experience some of the realities that Anne had to face in the attic. This workshop combines a mixture of seriousness with creative elements of hope, dreams and wishes. A school play and follow up lessons are available to buy direct from the author, Hilary Thomson

    Most Suitable For: Year 6 upwards





  • Storytelling: Book Week

    Based on the current books you are studying.

    A full and fun day of drama workshops based on the books that each year group are currently studying.

    Let us know which books you would like a workshop on and I will design a workshop to fit your space, year groups and school day.

    Most Suitable For: Reception & Years 1 to 10

  • Performance Poetry Day

    You can choose the poems that your class are already studying or pick ‘n’ mix from a menu of poems that I have.

    For example, choose from:-

    • Reception & Year 1 – The Circus Is in Town
    • Year 2 – Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes
    • Year 3 & 4 – The Pied Piper
    • Year 5 – Timothy Winters & 4 o’Clock Friday
    • Year 6 – Roger McGough Poems

    This could include performances to the rest of the school at the end of the day.

    Suitable for: All year groups.




  • The Pied Piper of Hamlin: Improvisation and performance

    “Rat’s – they fought the dogs and killed the cats and bit the babies in the cradles……”

    Travel through this wondrous story acting out various characters, including the rats. Follow the Pied Piper as he goes inside the mountain. You decide weather to return or not from this mystical, magical journey.

    Most Suitable For: Years 1 to 8





  • Villainous Villains & Heroic Heroes: Victorian Melodrama – Comedy Improvisation

    Thrillingly theatrical and totally over the top, this workshop on Melodrama will help children create their own hilarious cartoon capers. Follow in the footsteps of Batman and Robin, Dick Dastardly, Cruella de Ville and many more and put them into a performance that includes music and mayhem, slapstick and evil laughter.

    Most Suitable For: Years 3 to 7



  • Egypt…… The Legend of Tutankhamun: Mantle of the Expert

    Tutankhamun 003

    Travel to Egypt and the Valley of the Kings. As an archaeologist you will discover the true story of how the tomb of the boy king ‘Tutankhamen’ was found. Discover the Gladstone bag containing Carters belongings, decipher hieroglyphics that reveal the curse of the pharaohs and the inner chamber of king Tut himself.

    This fully packed workshop contains role-play, music and movement, the uncovering of real life events and you – as an expert archaeologist.

    Most Suitable For: Years 3 to 8


  • The Second World War: Evacuees Drama

    Put yourself in the position of an evacuee sent far away from home. How would you feel?

    Role play leaving home, the journey into the unknown, your new family and your new life.

    This workshop can include elements from the books ‘Carrie’s War’ & ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’.

    Most Suitable For: Year 5 upwards



  • Greek Theatre


    Recreate some of the most famous Greek Myths and Legends ever told.

    All the elements that make up a Greek Play are explored in this historical workshop. Stories such as Theseus and the Minotaur, Pandora’s Box & Orpheus and Eurydice are acted out complete with masked Greek chorus.

    (The children can even paint their own Greek masks)

    Most Suitable For: Years 4 to 8

  • The First World War: Drama Role Play


    Put yourselves in the position of a soldier going off to war. How did the women left back home feel?

    Explore the poetry of Wilfred Owen & Siegfried Sassoon to understand the reality of life in the great war.

    Explore the suitcase of a soldier and uncover his story.

    The Christmas Day Truce & The Home Front.

    Most Suitable For: Years 2 to 10 upwards