Where The Wild Things Are

WW1 Suitcase

“This is history brought to life”

“the children were totally engaged”

“Discovering the tomb was very exciting”

“The Greek myths were performed in assembly”

“It was so much fun”


Photo: Hilary Lewis

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.”


We have a huge range of exciting, inspirational and challenging drama and arts workshops for you to choose from on a huge range of subjects; Egypt and the Legend of Tutankhamen, Ancient Greek Theatre and Masks, the First and Second World Wars, Performance Poetry, Shakespeare, Creative Minds and Imagination for Creative Writing, Storytelling, Victorian Melodrama, Physical Theatre, Anne Frank, Shadow Puppetry, Anti-Bullying, Friendships & PSHE related subjects.

The list is long and we continue to write new drama days depending on what a school needs in order to make their curriculum accessible and inspirational for their children.

By using the power of drama to enrich the learning experience of children we are able to deepen the level of understanding on a range of themes and curriculum areas. These workshops stretch and challenge young people, developing their creative thinking, imagination, confidence and speaking and listening skills.

                         “The workshop was engaging and thought provoking. The children really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It was brilliant, thank you so much.” 

Manland Primary School, Surrey